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ED305 Reading Terms

Puzzle Type: Educational
Kristi France : Kristi France
Readers and writers consciously monitor their learning
Teachers use a variety of informal procedures and commercial tests to monitor student's reading progress
The meaning system of English that focuses on vocabulary
The sound system of English with approximately 44 sounds
The ability to use reading and writing for a variety of tasks
The importance of language and social interaction in learning
A two way transaction between readers and the text and is individualized
A student's belief in their capability to succeed and reach their goals
The system of English that varies language according to social and cultural uses
Reading and writing are purposeful; they have a plan in mind
Reading to locate and remember information
Students' knowledge is organized into cognitive structures
Reading for enjoyment or pleasure
Commercially produced reading programs
Creating a new file for new information
Observable and measurable aspects of student's behavior
Students as active and engaged learners who construct their own knowledge
New information that is added into a file that contains old information or foundational information
The structural system of English that governs how words are combined into sentences
A complex process of understanding written text