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The nucleus of an isotope
Occurs when the energy or number of neutrons or protons in a nucleus changes
A series of reactions
Also called qauge bosons
Acts between protons and neutrons that are close together
Number of protons
Total number of protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus
Conversion of energy into a matter-antimatter pair of particles is called
The time required for half the atoms in a given quantity of a radioactive isotope to decay is the...
The difference between the sum of the masses of the individual nucleons and the actual mass
A redistribution of the energy within the nucleus results in a
Decay rate, number of decays per second, of a radioactive substance
Nuclei with small masses combine to form a nucleus with a large mass
Tiny particles that make up protons, neutrons, and pions
The difference when the nucleus has less energy than the separate protons and neutrons make up
Both neutrons and protons are called this
Existence of beta decay indicates that there must be another interaction
electrons and neutrinos belong to a different family called...
Proton and neutron masses equal 1u, where u is the...
Model of building blocks of matter is called the...
A division of a nucleus into two or more fragments
Materials that go through radioactive decay and emit penetrating rays
The type of radioactive decay that emits an alpha particle
Occurs when a neutron is changed to a proton within the nucleus