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Ancient Greece and Rome

The name of a leader of an empire
Large temple to honor goddess Athena.
Soldiers in ancient Rome; they fight until death.
Belives in questioning, self-examination of values and actions.
Thinkers ,"lovers of wisdom
In a republic, the elected officials rule for ___ year(s).
Rule by nobility.
A large theatre or stadium in ancient Rome.
Rule by small group
Ruler, lived on Mt. Olympus with wife Hera.
Nobles and wealthy citizens
Belief in many gods.
Student of Plato, uses rules of logic for argument.
Military leader (two words).
Ancient greece was not a united country but a collection of ________ lands.
Father of gods.
The _______, an ideal society.
Shapes greek civilization, traditions, and customs.
______ ruler- total power.
Traditional stories about the gods.