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All About 7th grade & Mrs. Han-Baral

The new name for homeroom
________ time will be take the place of Colloquium this year
The day of the week when the length or core classes will be shortened
Can be played on beach or indoor, this is Mrs. Han-Baral's favorite sport to play!
A feeling of excitement I have as we begin this new year!
Today was also my oldest son, Logan's first day of ___________!
The new location of STEM is next to this common eating space
One of my favorite series to read and watch... Quidditch, anyone?
What Math, LA, Science, and Social Studies will be referred to
You are now allowed to use this device during recess and lunch, appropriately of course!
The name of the new STEM teacher
The number of 7th grade Advisory teachers
The number of times a week you will have P.E.
The university in Evanston where I received my Masters in Education
A familiar face, the name of the P.E. teacher
The name of the high school I attended in Chicago where I did the IB program
Along with Korean and American Sign Language, this is a language I can speak... c'est tres interessant, n'est-ce pas?
The location of The University of Chicago, my alma mater
The age of my younger son, Gavin (hint: he is only one year younger than his brother!)