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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Vocabulary 1: Making Associations

Worth of Top Athletes / Grand Canyon
A painting using many bright colors
Approval, promotion, celebrity
An explorer going down into a cave
Major, important, meaningful
A UFO lands in the courtyard at school
Free market, buying and selling, unlimited earning
A slow horse pulling a heavy load
Unfair, haves and have nots, unpredictable
The size of the Pacific Ocean
Holiday shopping, buying goods, using credit cards
Paid vacation, added feature, surprise
System, markets, financial health, science of how goods and services are traded and consumed
Togetherness, humankind, collective
A popular tourist spot
Over the top, irrational, unexplainable, over priced
The first time you visited a place
Your feelings about an assignment you don't understand
A gray factory building
Exchange of ideas, negotiation, pro and con
A dinner table set with crystal glasses and china plates