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6th Grade Tools of Geography

Theme of geography which explores how people, goods, and ideas get from one place to another
A diagram of a compass showing direction
Location of a place relative to another
Explains the symbols and shading on a map
Height above sea level
Theme of geography that explains interaction between humans and their environments and how they affect one another
Round shaped
Photographic images of the Earth's surface taken from the air
Ways to map the Earth on a flat surface
Type of directions that include North, South, East and West
Pictures of the Earth's surface taken from a satellite in orbit
The area a given space on the map corresponds to in the real world
Lines that measure distance east and west of the Prime Meridian
Study of human and nonhuman features of earth
Theme of geography that refers to the mix of human and nonhuman features at a given location
The Equator and the Prime Meridian divide the earth into these
Theme of geography that describes an area with at least one unifying physical or human feature such as climate, landforms, population, or history
Units that measure angles. Lines of latitude and longitude are measured in these
Type of map that shows the location or distribution of human or physical features, such as a highway map, or showing a region's weather patterns
Lines that measure the distance north or south of the Equator
Type of map that shows political units such as countries or states
Loss of accuracy in the size or position of objects on a map
Type of map that shows physical, or natural features
Type of location that describes a place's exact position on earth in terms of latitude and longitude
Computer based systems that store and use information linked to geographic locations