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Chinese-American Culture

Calendar that defines the Chinese Zodiac. Each year is named after an animal.
Utensil used in Chinese culture
A monster said to eat children and crops
Show ____ for another's beliefs, even if they do not reflect your own
Believed to forebode disease and misfortune. To avoid it, parents don't punish their kids
A person brought into the situation when a common language is not spoken
Lin Yu Tang
Common practice involving herbs and needles
_____Festival (also called Chinese New Year)
The biggest celebration and most important annual event
Cultural______ is awareness and knowledge of ethnicity, culture, and gender.
Common health practice. Includes acupuncture, massage, etc.
_____Festival occurs on the 15th day of the first lunar month
Traditional style clothing worn by people during the Han dynasty
Shaped majority of Chinese culture
Common with women to abide by one child law
People walk with these bound to their feet during festivals
The color that wards off monsters
A healthcare _____ includes things like fear of death and male doctors touching women
A Gift a father gives to others in honor of their new baby