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Law 20 Quesions

Is sex without consent.
Every crime is defined by certain...
Is the process by which people involved in a dispute discuss their problems and reach a solution.
Something done against the law.
It affects people in every state.
Is the destruction or damage of another's property.
Allows voters to remove elected officials from office.
Organizations that license lawyers.
Is a way to influence the process by convincing lawmakers to vote as you want them to vote.
They are called trial attorneys or...
Or agreement.
Is a legal way of making a provision less enforceable.
Crime require an illegal act accomplished by a guilty...
Or sides are called to testify in the case.
Is the burning on another's property.
The accused party.
Are the rights all people have simply because they are human.
Are used to enact new laws or repeal old laws.
A person who follows or harasses another.