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6th grade First Aid & Safety

Steals a car by threatening the driver
When the weather is right for a tornado
Quick upward pulls into the diaphragm to force out the object blocking the airway
Possible sources of harm
More serious burn where the area blisters
Ground shaking as the rock below the surface moves
Tornado in a certain area
Potentially harmful chances
Use physical force to harm someone
A situation, unsafe habit, an accident, or an unsafe act
Very serious burn in which the deeper layer of skin and nerve endings are damaged
Device that makes a warning noise when it senses smoke.
Whirling, funnel-shaped windstorm that drops from the sky to the ground
Sudden drop in body temperature
Skin is burned and turns red
Violent acts against people of a particular group
Substitute for normal breathing
First care giving to a person that is injured
Anyone who travels on foot
Strong windstorm with driving rain
Condition that occurs when the airway is blocked