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Getting Ready for Science

A science explanation that you can test to see if it is true
A tool that has a spring that can measure both force and weight
A tool that can be used to measure distance
You use an experiment to ____ your hypothesis
A way that scientists find out how things work and how they affect each other
A tool that makes an extremely tiny object visible
Something you can make using observations, but not something that has been tested
A hypothesis starts with asking a ______
A test that you do to see if your hypothesis is true
A tool that measures mass using weights to balance the load
An accepted measurement is called this
Information gathered by using your senses
A tool that makes objects that you can pick up and hold in your hand visible
You use what you see in an experiment to draw a ________ about what happened- the final step in the Scientific Process
Sometimes it helps if you build a _____ to help you test your hypothesis