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Intro to Psychology 6

To bring together rather than split.
Symbol used to keep garbage out of our cans.
This theory explains why humans and animals do the things they do
Signal to other animals saying I am one of you.
Strongly, persistently, and sloppily.
Innate skills. Buckets and cans
Strokes, Traumatic brain injury, and dementia are all types of
Not fixed or destined.
Such as coping skills and hunger cues.
These expand and shrink from our experiences
Associated with spiritually, visual, and intuition.
Neurotransmitters, two kinds yes and no
Not random or otherwise uncaused.
Classical conditioning. Event and experience.
The opposite of Love
Learned and lawful.
Symbol for what our ancestors passed down over time.
When you pair one thing with another. Something that happens outside of us and gets paired with an action.
Left and right
Controls language and logic.
Juice and wiring
Neurons or instances of behavior
Are for broken brains like insulin is for diabetes.