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Intro to psychology 7

To involve ourselves with problems before they become problems.
Once thought there was a driver or little person in our head.
When something is taken away that increases behavior.
The helpfulness of psychology theory and theorizing to help us start to see life differently
This is the effect of unconditional response.
What happens after an action is taken.
Automatic, powerful, sloppily. stimulus generation.
Your calling. What you would do even if you were not paid.
Early powerful pairing that persist long after they are required.
A new clear kind way of hugging psychology talk
Always changes and increases behavior.
Something pleasurable that makes behavior increase.
Over time the pairings weaken if there has not been new pairings.
It's intended to help us love and hug the world better in ways that will come back to us as a richness of our self-awareness and our experiences.
A coming between suffering and the people suffering. Helping those before they fall off the cliff.
What must be done to quite obsessive thoughts
Experiences specifically as persistent thoughts.
Happens powerfully, persistent, and very deeply.
Is a function of its consequences
Learned, exaggerated, dysfunctional symbolic fear.