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Module One - Math Vocabulary (Place Value and Decimal Fractions)

Teacher: Ms. Neal's
Symbol used to show balance - example =
When reading multi-digit numbers - referred to as AND - Used in a multi-digit number to identify switching to less than whole number. Example 12.45
To _________ is to split into equal parts or groups. It is "Fair Sharing"
Symbol used to show one side is ____________ the other side. Example >
Amount digit worth - example 123 = what is the __________ of the digit 2? = 20
Example - 185 = 1x100 + 8x10 + 5x1
Example - 4 +3=7
Example - 321 = 3 hundreds, 2 tens, 1 one
A line marked with numbers at evenly spaced intervals
As related to place value - example 0.30 (coin = Dime)
As related to place value - example 0.03 (coin = Penny)
Another name for regrouping. (Also known as - making, renaming, changing, regrouping, trading)
Also called - Times. __________ by a whole number will give you many.
Location digit lives - example 123 = which ________ is the digit 2?
One hundred thirty five
A number written using only digits - example - 135
Place Value Units - (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, ...)
name for any number 0-9 (larger numbers are made using a combination of _____________)
Symbol used to show one side is _____________ the other side. Example <
Breaking apart, renaming, changing, regrouping, trading