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Geometry Crossword

Teacher: Mercado
A solid object with flat ends and rectangles for sides
A shape with four sides, all the same length
A quadrilateral with opposite sides the same length
Represents a location but has no size
The distance around a shape
A curved solid with circles on the ends
The amount of space a 3-D shape fills
Extends in both directions without end
Meeting at right angles
Has the same shape but different sizes
The amount a 2-D shape covers
Part of a line that has two endpoints
A line that divides something into 2 equal parts
A flat surface with no thickness
A shape with 4 sides
A quadrilateral with only two parallel sides
Always the same distance apart, never touching
Made up of two rays and a vertex
A shape with three sides
Has the same shape and same size
A curve that is always the same distance away from a center
A solid shaped like a ball
A solid with a circular base and one vertex
Part of a line; has one endpoint and extends in other direction without end