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Science Vocabulary

To separate into parts in order to determine what something is or how it works
Theory or method that is considered to be without scientific knowledge
Suggested solution or prediction to a scientific problem
Result that is the same no matter who produces it or where or when it is produced
Recorded observations and measuements
Observations, measurements and other types of data that people gather to support and evaluate scienyfic explanations
Factor being measured or observed in an experiment
Quality of being real or actual
Factoe in an experiment that does not change
Conclusion based on an observation
Summary of the experiment where data is analyzed to determine the meaning of what happened in the experiment
Organized procedure that is carried out to test a hypothesis
Error that distorts results in a particular way
Property, feature, quality or trait that describes an object
Not a complete experiment
Process of obtaining information by using the senses
Is something taken for granted or accepted as true
Descriptive statement or equation that reliably predicts events under certain conditions
Standard used for comparison in an experiment
Process of trying to understand the world around us