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The Agricultural Revolution Vocabulary

Name __________________________
To build by putting parts together p56
Adapt an animal to living with humans p63
(two words) an extinct large hairy animal related to the elephant p57
(two words) The organized growing of food on a regular schedule p63
A government whose ruler, king or queen inherits the position from a parent p68
To set up in a particular place p65
(two words) the period in ancient human culture when people began to make and use bronze p67
(two words) A time when glaciers covered much of the Earth p60
Ability gained by the practical use of knowledge p56
A way of doing something p56
The act of training for a particular job p66
Relating to the earliest stone age period p55
Relating to the latest period of the stone age p63
Always happening p58
Ready to be used p56
A place where people worship p66
People who move from place to place p55