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MGMT Vocab Crossword Quiz

marketing efforts on a specific group of customers
Organized efforts by individuals, groups, and organizations to protect consumers' rights
Marketers are most interested in the amount of money left after payment of taxes because this ____ _____
are the focal point of all marketing activities
The goals of any organization should derive from its ____
the process of creating, distributing, promoting, and pricing goods, services, and ideas to facilitate satisfying exchange relationships with customers and to develop and maintain favorable relationships with stakeholders in a dynamic environment.
a customer's subjective assessment of benefits relative to costs in determining the worth of a product
Fluctuations in the economy follow a general pattern, often referred to as _____ ______
include those constituents who have a claim, in some aspect of a company's products, operations, markets, industry, and outcomes; these include customers
a written document that specifies the marketing activities to be performed to implement and evaluate the organization's marketing strategies
can be a good, a service, or an idea
The influences in a society and its culture(s) that change people's attitudes, beliefs, norms, customs, and lifestyles
things a company does extremely well-sometimes so well that they give the company an advantage over its competition.
Product price promotional and placement
other firms that market products that are similar to or can be substituted for its products in the same geographic area.