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Dig. Lit. / M2-Wireless Communications

Networking technology that allows computer devices such as personal computers, laptops, and cell phones to communicate over a wireless signal
Service provided through cell phone networks and accessed by cell phones which uses location to provide info on various places like restaurants, offices, schools, etc
Act of sending inappropriate sexual materials, usually text or images, between cell phones
Short message service; like text for cell phones
Group of software programs that provide instruction to a computer so that it may operate
An area where a cell phone does not receive a signal
Site containing antennas and other electronic communications equipment, usually in a high place
MP3 - common audio format for playback and storage of music on digital audio players
Object or pattern that is quickly replicated and shared
Website that allows users to add and edit interlinking web pages
Strength of a connection over a wireless (radio) telecommunication system
Refers to any disruption or alteration of a signal in cell phones
What the cell phone company charges for use of the internet on your smartphone
Refers to the area in which a service provider offers its communication service
Abbreviations and slang commonly used to shorten a text or instant message.
Cell phone that is designed to perform various computer applications including, email, web browsing, video games, music, videos, etc.
Multimedia messaging service; allows you to send video, audio, pics, ringtones, etc through cell phone
The use of letters and punctuation in a message that indicates the emotion of the text
Extension of service or coverage in a wireless telecommunications system
Quick response code, type of two-dimensional bar code, consists of black nodules in a square pattern on white background, can hold a large amount of any type of data