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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Forensic Science

This examiner studies handwriting, paper and inks
A log that tracks the evidence. chain of ____.
This amendment protects us from illegal searches
Natural, homicide, suicide, undetermined and accidental
Physical evidence whose origin is known
In Daubert ruling, the judge acts as this
Has the largest crime lab
Change in body temperature post mortem
A swab of the inner cheek
The first insect to arrive on a dead body
Examine and identify skeletal remains
This group helps exonerate convicts based on DNA
Cross-transfer of evidence
This unit would analyze glass, soil and paint
After death
Must be on a sketch
What you may store a dry, bloody t-shirt in
An elected official who determines manner of death
DNA profiling
This evidence would be sealed in a paint can
When muscles relax and then go rigid
Type of search pattern
Statement as to where the suspect was at the time of the crime
Study of teeth
Father of Toxicology
Most evidence found at a crime scene
Study of insects
Earliest to use science to solve crimes
Invisible fingerprint