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Science Class Vocab (#3)

Autumn Schmidt
September 13, 2016
Molten rock that has come out of a volcano (extrusive)
The smaller glowing area within a comet, made of rock, ice and frozen gas
Shiny element which is solid at room temperature, conducts heat well, and is more flexible than other solids
The term for a meteor which has landed and been found on Earth's surface
The part of a comet made of dust pushed directly away from the Sun by radiation pressure; 'yellowish' and spread out
A famous comet that takes about 77 years to orbit our sun
A type of rock created under heat and pressure; rocks made from cooled magma
A type of rock created by layers of particles which have been moved by water, ice and wind; often formed by the weathering and erosion of older rocks
A hollow stone lined with crystals inside, formed when mineral-rich water in a cavity of rock experiences a sudden change of pressure or temperature
Any remains, impression, or trace of a living thing of a former geologic age, as a skeleton, footprint, etc.; often found in sedimentary rock
The part of a comet made of ionized gas pushed away by solar wind; looks like a 'bluish' thin straight line away from the sun
Small chunks of iron and rock that break away from asteroids that are in space; most of these burn up before reaching Earth's surface
The glowing head of a comet, formed as the Sun vaporizes the frozen gas
The naturally occurring elements that rocks are made out of; usually crystals, like salt or diamonds
A type of rock that was once another type of rock but has changed to another type due to intense heat and intense pressure
Meteoroids that fall through the sky like streaks of light; also called 'shooting stars'
Molten rock under the surface of the earth (intrusive)