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Biology Crossword

Gather background info
Carrying out a test to determine an outcome
Chemical reaction in cell where the sugar gets broken down to give energy and build material
Life comes from life
Looked at first cork under micoscope
1 cell
Combined atoms
A decimal system of measurement whose units are based on certain physical standards and are scaled on multiples of 10
Cells vary in shape and size
No numbers, description
Group of tissues
Outcome of experiment
A technique in which info is gathered
Logical interpretation, based on prior knowledge
Type of reproduction that requires 2 parents
Anything that cause an organism to react
Process of maintaining balance
Where you place slide on microscope
Information gathered
Type of cell that are both multicellular and unicellular
Group of cells work together
Type of cell that only bacteria is
Change over time
Many cells
Basic unit of life
Generalizes observations/experiments
Data that uses numbers
Devices that produce magnified images of structures that are too small to see with the naked eye
Well tested explanation
Educated guess
Actually exists
Info gathered from an observation
Study of life
Type of reproduction that is produced by one parent