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Theatre Vocabulary

A still image or frozen moment created by posing still bodies
The underlying meaning of a play or literary work
The action when two opposing forces meet
A form of a play or theatre where the main character suffers a reverse or downfall
What the character wants from the other characters in a scene
The ensemble of actors who portray the roles in a play
The sequence of events in a play
The group of people working on set construction, props, lighting, sound, costumes, and make-up
The spontaneous movement and speech creating a specific character in a specific situation
Physical environment in which the actors perform
Performing without words, expressing meaning through physical actions
A person who writes dialogue in the form of a play
The person portraying a role on-stage
A part or character that an actor interprets for a performance
Part of a play in which one character speaks alone
The area in a theater where the audience sits
A light and amusing play that typically has a happy ending
Actors' movement on stage
The signal an actor receives or uses to begin a line or movement
The area of the stage farthest from the audience
The actor's ability to be understood
The major sections of a play
Time for the actors to practice a play for performance
The person in charge of all elements of a play during the run of a performance
A piece of work written in dialogue form usually with a beginning, middle, and end, broken into one or more acts
An imaginary wall between the actors and the audience
The basic structural element of a play
The area of the stage closest to the audience
The person who oversees the entire process of staging a play
Physical items an actor interacts with on stage