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Paris, Mont Saint Michel, Loire Valley Chateaux & Chartres

John 3:19
Medieval Gothic cathedral SW of Paris
Over. Chateau Chenonceau is a bridge-castle __ the Cher River
Giant snake or fur scarf
Emptiness. Some Louvre paintings depict the flaming __ of hell
Roman #2
Uprising. Storming the Bastille was a Parisian __ July 14, 1789
Dog doc or ex-soldier
Loire Turrets (ab)
Relinquish. Charlemagne did not __ turf to Islam
Quote. "Holy Roman Empire is not holy, Roman or an empire" is a __ by Voltaire
Witty joker. Voltaire was a __ like Victor Hugo
Pole. Joan of Arc & 140 Knights Templar were burned @ the __
Data. Medieval art & architecture provided __ 4 the illiterate
Wife of royal heir or toasted Gruyere on potatoes = Gratin __
Dead Kennedy dog lover & sailor
Command word that tells dog 2 attack animal abuser who richly deserves it!
Military ruler who crowned himself in Notre Dame in 1804
Contract. Hitler offered a bad __ to France
One. Eat __ apple
Israeli submachine gun
Denis saint (ab)
Decorative glazed clay slab
Enthralled. Architecture fans R __ on Paris river ride
Example given (ab)
Desiring. Tour de France cyclists left Mont St Michel __ 4 victory in Paris
"Dimanche" is French 4 this day of the week
Like, while
Abraham's homeland or text 4 "you are"
"Pain" is French word 4 __
Belfries. Chartres & Rouen cathedrals have __ that do not match
Crème Brulee & flan R French __
Hawaiian acacia wood
French Revolution tried 2 get rid of this religion by beheading 16,000 & instituting their idea of Enlightenment
Monastery. Normandy itinerary of 1/2 timbered villages, cider & cheese is __ Route
Fish eggs
Skill. Robespierre's __ went 2 his head then cost him his head
Wicked. Slaughtering the innocent 2 get vino & virgins in paradise is __
Relieved. Paris mobs were not __ when Louis XIV bankrolled American Revolution & bankrupted France
Anno Domini (ab)
Waterway. Seine is __ of Paris
Locations. Maps show tourists sights of __
Spanish 4 yes
Not out
Period. Elizabethan __
Monuments. Paris bateaux mouches pass historic __ like Notre Dame & Louvre
Military unit. Marine __
Glove & slipper brand
Landscaped orchards. Loire Valley is __ of France
Doctrine. Gothic facades depict __ in stone
Concealed. Louvre art was __in Cheverny Chateau in WW2
Old Testament name 4 God, __ Shaddai
Royal residences. Loire chateaux look more like __ than castles
Morsels. The Louvre has many treasures, but not gold __
A __ puzzle helps U get 2 France B4 U get 2 France
Zionist Organization (ab)
That is (ab)
One. Eat __ apple
Hearing organ. If U turn a deaf __ 2 God's instruction, your prayer is detestable. Prov28:9
Nothing, zero, none
Neutral pronoun
Utilizes. A local commuter __ the metro
Sunset. Paris, the City of Light, comes to life @ __
Jesus' birth cut the timeline of history into __ & AD
Text 4 "Are you?"