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childhood education chapter 1,2, and 22 vocab

Non-medical care that helps individuals with their activity of daily living
First step to be in a child care job, associate credential
Formed and run by parents who wish to take a part in their children preschool experience
Demonstrating the correct way to make a letter by writing in the air
Certifies that a set of standards has been met by an early childhood program
Standerdized spelling, words spacing , uper and lowercase letters
Usually employed by the state
A person from a foreign country who lives with a family and preforms tasks similar to those of a nany
Services that hire workers who call home to check if the child has arrived safely
Full range of early childhood programs
A person who creates and runs there own business
Child care programs that provide care for children before and after school
Print writing is called...
Daycare operated from owners home
Mucle control that allows the hand to do a task in the way the eye sees it
Early childhood education program
College affiliated programs located on a high school or college campus
Provides care in child's home, for a room