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To Kill A Mockingbird - Chapters 5 & 6

Just like Dill, Jem decided he would take a peek in Boo's house. This appeared on the porch and kept him from doing that.
Dill says this is the only thing Boo Radley has to eat.
This is Boo Radley's real name.
While Jem, Scout, & Dill were running through the collard patch, a roar could be heard throughout the neighborhood. What made this disturbing sound?
Jem left an item behind in the Radley's fence. Dill covered for him and told Atticus that he now had possession of it because he had won it in a game. What was this game they were supposedly playing?
This is the person who was responsible for the loud roar that was heard throughout the neighborhood.
Besides being an excellent gardener, Miss Maudie was also a great cook. What item did she occasionally choose to share with the kids?
Dill used this item to warn Jem that another person was in the vicinity of Boo Radley's house.
Besides the teeny light way off somewhere, what else was Dill able to see as he peeked through Boo Radley's window?
This woman is in charge of Dill while he's visiting Maycomb County during the summers.
Jem was forced to leave this item behind when he was unable to free himself from the fence in Boo Radley's yard.
Miss Maudie says that Jem Finch is just like his uncle _______. This is the same man that has proposed to Miss Maudie several times.
Jem planned to use this item to stick the note on Boo Radley's loose shutter.
Whenever Jem was aggravated with something that Scout was doing, he would tell her to stop acting like a ______.
This person caught Jem trying to attach the note to Boo Radley's shutter.
Jem and Scout sometimes slept here during the summer. That's why it was so easy for Jem to leave and retrieve the item he left behind at the Radley's fence.
Atticus asked if the boys were playing with cards. Jem said they weren't. He said they were using __________ instead.