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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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6th Grade Vocabulary Unit 1 Words 11-20

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Date: ______________________
A written statement that unfairly or falsely harms the reputation of the person about whom it is made
Our whole family is meeting at my Aunt Linda's for our Thanksgiving ______________.
When I fight with my brother in the car, we _________ my mother.
The pile of laundry was so ____________ it will take a week to finish it.
To annoy, trouble, make weary
Done in an instant; immediate
Even though she has a college degree, she is __________ at her job.
The young girl's ____________ idea helped the scientist solve the problem.
Showing remarkable originality, inventiveness, or resourcefulness; clever
A meal
Totally without skill or appropriateness
To go or move backward; to become more distant
Very large or great; beyond ordinary means of measurement
The water took two weeks to finally ____________ after the flood.
They had a ____________ about what was in the dark forest.
She got in trouble by the teacher for stumbling around like an ______________ in the hall.
When you play Kahoot, you get more points if you have a(n) ____________ response.
A feeling of fear doubt, or uncertainty
A big, clumsy, slow person
The writer was accused of ____________ by the politician for writing lies about his campaign.