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Space/Science Vocabulary

A reusable space craft designed to transport cargo and people to and from space
Relating to the land
National Aeronautics & Space Administration - the gov agency dedicated to space exploration
An engine that provides thrust directly thru the burning of its fuel
A vehicle or device designed for travel outside of Earth's atmosphere
4 largest moons of Jupiter
Move an elliptical path around a center
Large & small rocks orbiting the sun
A force that causes objects with mass to attract one another
Celestial body of dust, ice and rock. Elongated.
An unmanned space craft designed to explore the solar system & transmit data back to Earth
The region between inner & outer planets where most asteroids orbit around the sun
A large artificial satellite used for long-term missions in space
Small object entering Earth's atmosphere
The whole mass of air surrounding a planet
Any of the large celestial bodies that orbit the sun in the solar system
A vehicle for exploring the surface of an extraterrestrial body
To spin on an axis
The gravitational curved path around an object in space
Comp of outer planets whose atmosphere is made of gases.