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MV Economics

A risk taker
The cost of not choosing the next alternative choice
Production Possibility...
Helps of production of goods
Latin for "all other things remain unchanged"
"If A, then B
Accumulation of capital
The points on the Production Possibility Curve line are considered
This course is called
Price change in a candy bar is an example of
Where human wants are greater then available supply of resources
Two events correlate with each other but one does not cause the other
The quantities and qualities of all resource inputs remain the same during a period of time
Statements that say should, need,good
When an event leads to another event
Looking at the "big picture" for economics
The examination of the effects of additions/subtractions from a current situation
A decision can have a opportunity cost and..
A factor of production such as a factory
A resource that can expand the production possibilities curve outward