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First Science Terms

One of the factors that can change in an experiment
The thermal energy transferred from one object to another as a result of difference in temperature
The variable that changes because of the manipulated variable
A test of a hypothesis under conditions established by the scientist
What makes up everything in the universe
The total energy of all the atoms that make up an object
Making a forecast of what will happen in the future based on past experiences or evidence
Using one or more of you senses to gather information
A well-tested scientific concept that explains a wide range of observations
The average amount of energy of motion of each molecule of a substance
Explaining or interpreting the things you observe;it is based on reasoning from what you already know
The many ways in which scientists study the natural world and propose explanations based on the evidence they gather
Describes an observed pattern in nature, but does not provide an explanation for it
A way of learning about the natural world
The variable that a scientist changes in an experiment
A possible explanation for a set of observations or answer or to a scientific question
The facts, figures, and other evidence gathered through observations