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Our St. Mark's Family - Last Names Only!

Dick ------. Detective.
Teacher who married a doctor.
Married to a cop.
Love to cruise.
Bavarian Mrs.
So close and yet so ----.
Rhymes with tickets.
Art teacher at the Pen.
"Socially" speaking I love to sing.
Has a ring to the last name.
Ethel's my first.
Used to be a ship in Kingston using last name.
Download his last name.
Sits near Wilsons and loves to smile.
Sounds like a Prime Minister's name.
Gives big hugs.
Curly red head who loves to sing.
Check between the -----
I'm not just walking. I'm -------.
We live a couple of houses from the church.
Guitar man.
ACWs my bag.
Don't eat the meat.
"Let us pray"
Sunday school marm.
Climb to the top of the mountain.
I love to garden.
I help fold the pew sheets.
Big Bill's last.
Music with a nice cold drink.
Founder's name.
Sounds like ex-NHL president or PM.
Secretary of State.
Loves those little babies.
I love old buildings.
Vimy Ridge Porcelain
Prof. from McGill.
I'm pretty hip as of late.
Just finished my 22 pushup challenge.
A Queen's University website just completed.
I'm a greeter!
Bible study leaders.
Think of a Monopoly railroad.
Dr. in the house.
Helped to arrange golf tournament.
I sing in the choir.
Just announced my engagement in church.