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Unit 1 Geography

A sudden, violent movement of Earth's crust.
Regions close to the equator.
Water that is found in Earth's streams, rivers, and lakes.
A part of the world that has on or more common features that distinguish if from surrounding areas.
A flat drawing that shows all or part of Earth's surface.
One complete spin of Earth on is axis.
The study of the world's physical features: Landforms, bodies of water, climates, soils, and plants.
Energy form the sun.
A large area of slow moving ice.
A theory suggesting that Earth's surface is divided into a dozen or so slow-moving plates, or pieces of earth's crust.
The study of the world, its people, and the landscapes they create.
Water found below Earth's surface.
The process by which rock is broken down into smaller pieces.
The land, water, climate, plants, and animals of an area.
A field that focuses on people and the relationships among them.
A spherical, or ball shaped, model of the entire planet.
The study of weather and what causes it.
A large landmass that is part ofEarth's crust.
The science of making maps.
A shape on the planet's surface, such as a mountain, valley, plain, island, or peninsula.
All the human and physical features that make a place unique.
The movement of water from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back.
A general description of where a place is located.
A specific description of where a place is located.
The movement of sediment from one location to another.
Magma that reaches Earth's surface.