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Creating a Healthy Environment

World hunger and mortgage rates are in this Circle
The goal of communication is ___ meaning
Power to make or change the rules
Expressive, Enthusiastic and Friendly
Your belief in yourself
Potential + Skill
Analytical, Contemplative and Conservative
Supervisors ___ the strategic plan
Good supervisors create a ___ environment
Support for local food bank and local consumer protection laws are in this Circle
What you pay attention to
Ambitious, Forceful and Decisive
Memos, Conversations and Body Language
The surroundings of a message
Where you donate your time and money and controlling your spending are in this Circle
Focus on being ___ best
Blocks our greatness
Your passion and energy
9906 is the ___ code for this class on your timesheet
Methodical, Systematic and Reliable
Employees support the ___ of the agency
Developed the Coaching Flowchart