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Criminal Law Plus

Bonus Study
One associated with another in wrongdoing
Military recruit
Overdose (abbr.)
Killed (slang)
A contest to determine guilt or innocence
Chemical abbr for element
Where sun rises
King Arthur's sword
First name of man who won popular vote but lost electoral college vote in 2000
Post script (abbr.)
All powerful
One who commits violence to cause fear.
Initials of famous pop art artist
Male parent
Quiet, peaceful
Primary color
Position in life
Free from haze, to exonerate
The person whose principle it is that in explaining a thing, no more assumptions should be made than are necessary
Postal abbreviation for Minnesota
Initials of U.S. President
Hospital section where contagious patients are housed (2 words 9,4)
What we breath
Male child
One who ingests illegal drugs
Having the same relationship or position
To aid or encourage
One who commits an illegal act
To retrieve as a dog
One who steals
Justice Scalia's theme ((2 words, 8,6)
High spirits or joy
Alphabet characters
Indisposition to motion
Take back a statement
Present near
Signal for distress
Fifth month
Clear and present danger 315 US 568
Wrongful act
Damaging property (2 words, 9,8)
Pretending something is a fact when it is not (2 words, 5,7)
A stately tree
Ice cream holder
Lyrical poem
You have the right to remain_______
Carbon copy
Standard of proof in a criminal case (2 words, 10.5)
Driver's license, passport e.g.
Forum where criminal cases are held (2 words , 5,6)
Mechanical man
Letter before en
Medical person who assists patients, blood pressure, weight etc.
Night bird; mascot for Philadelphia university
Name of famous talking horse
Six points in football
Chemical symbol for silicon
In a direction toward
University located in Glassboro, NJ
U.S. capitol city
Doctors' organization
Explosive mixture
Wild dog
19th letter of alphabet
Legal proceeding
Sulfur oxide
Eye watering vegetable
Popular name for illegal drug
Administrative assistant
Prayer mantra
One not in the majority
City where Hollywood is found
Type of wealthy, powerful business person often found in Russia
Initials of discoverer of General Relativity
Lawyers' customers
What one cooks French Fries in
Lady singer
Young baseball players team group (abbr.)
Formerly known as, maiden name
Popular board game, Spanish word
Mischievous child
Organization to aid drinkers
Smallest state in Continental U.S.A.