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6th Grade Chapter 1: Early People

Word for modern humans meaning wise man.
Study of how human beings behave, how they act together, where they came from, and what makes one group of people different from another.
Refers to the tools and skills that people use to meet their needs and wants.
People who move from place to place with the seasons.
Era also known as the Old Stone Age. In this era, humans learned to make tools out of stone.
American anthropologist who found remains of a human who lived nearly 4.4 million years ago in Ethiopia which he named Ardi.
American archaeologist who was responsible for finding the remains of a 3.5 foot woman in Ethiopia which he named Lucy.
French fossil hunter who found a humalike skull in Chad. Said to be the "oldest one" as tests showed it was nearly 7 million years old.
Occurs when people leave their homeland to live somewhere else.
The beliefs, customs, practices, and behavior of a particular nation or group of people.
Time before written records
Scientists who study the physical materials of Earth itself, such as soil and rocks.
Change your way of life to suit your new environment.
Objects made and used by humans
Groups of families.
Archaeologist who was responsible for finding evidence of the "homo habilis" or handyman at Olduvai Gorge in East Africa.
Hardened remains or imprints of living things that existed long ago. These remains include plants, feathers, bones, and even footprints that are millions of years old.
People who study human life in the past by examining the things people left behind.
People believed that the natural world was filled with spirits. People believed animals, trees, rocks,water, and the weather around them all were filled with spirits.
Another word for surroundings.
Early humans who lived by hunting small animals and gathering plants
A word that means to become inhabitants of.