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Forensic Science: Evidence Review

Teacher: J. Parmley
Examples of this are eyewitness testimony, security video, a confession
Common trace evidence found at most crime scenes
This is more reliable than testimonial evidence
Evidence narrowed to a single source
Evidence collector places this across the seal on evidence package
Important concept of FS states every contact leaves a trace
This is maintained to document who handles the evidence
Biological evidence that is individualized
What type of evidence is this: garage door was open
To prevent mold from growing never package blood evidence in this kind of container
DNA is example of this type of evidence
Fear and stress can affect this kind of evidence
Folded paper used to package trace evidence
Direct evidence is also called this
Something that tends to disprove or establish a fact
It is important to collect a Standard Reference, or 'known" sample for _________ with crime scene evidence
Type of evidence like tire impressions, footprints, etc
Physical evidence is also called this
Transient evidence is ____________
Class evidence can only be narrowed to this