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Spanish Crossword

Sarah Sheppard
Ms. Orozco
5th prd
The month Halloween is in
This season happens in the month "mayo"
What happens in winter in new york
The number after "cincuenta y nueve"
The capital of this state is La Paz Sucre
Something that teachers have over students
"Open the book to page..." in Spanish
The last day of the week.(put "it is" in front of the day mentioned)
The month before "diciembre"
The first day of the weekend.
The capital of this Spanish country is Bogota
The time in the class is 3:30
The second month of the year
What you would put to describe the weather if it was hot.
The thing that books go on
The country of the capital Buenos aires
The second day of the week
Something you give to someone when they need help (figuratively speaking)
What you say to someone when you leave