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Sociology Definitions

Teacher: sara brown
Couple receives inheritance through grooms side
Authority in the homes lies in mother or female.
Once married couple takes/uses brides name
Authority in the home lies with the father or male
Matting rituals that have to do with the culture
Two families mixed together through marriage
Aunts uncles cousins grandparents are...
Marriage outside of your circle. ex: gender family
Once married couple take/uses grooms name.
One women married to more than one man at a time
Couple gain inheritance through brides side
Marriage to someone who you have something in common with.
Newly weds set up independently from both the brides and grooms family.
Once married newly weds reside with brides family
Marriage within your "circle": age race social class
Equal authority lies in male and female in the home.
One spouse at a time
Immediate family: dependent children and parents
Couple gains inheritance through both bride and grooms side.
More than one spouse at a time
Once married, newly weds reside with grooms family.
One man married to more than one women at a time