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Natural Texas Crossword by Maddie Evans

A mix of sun dried earth and straw used to build houses
This plateau is located in the far south of the Great Plains
The ___ speak a language similar to the North Western Alaskan and Canadian tribes
The Kiowa were known for have the largest ___ ___.
The ___ tribe have distinct striped markings on their faces.
The region of Texas that is the largest geographical section
The third largest city in Texas
Any object made or used by humans such as tools, pottery, bones, and shells
The ___ way of life was shattered in the 1870's by white settlers
This region of Texas is also known as the bread basket of the world
A sunken area in a plateau found between mountain ranges
The ___ had a complex social system
The ___ prairie extends from the Red River to San Antonio
A small, high plateau
The Apache and Tonkawa fall under this culture
Anything made from petroleum or natural gas
The ___ culture makes their houses out of adobe.
The name the Comanche used for their territory
The Apache lived in ___ Texas
These people move from place to place and live in teepees