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Bianca Budnik Science Project 9/2016

The variable which is constant and unchanged throughout the experiment.
The group in which the actual experiment is tested.
A system or series of marks used for measuring.
Well substantiated explanation based on repeatedly confirmed observation and experiment.
Any display of information in tabular form with rows and/or columns named.
The variable the scientist is manipulating.
A prediciton based on research as to what might happen.
To examine or ask questions in an organized way.
Collecting data outside of a lab setting.
A drawing, object or idea that represents a real event, object or process.
Repeating an experiment to ensure accuracy.
Represents the independent variable and is shown horizontal on coordinate plane.
Gathering information based on 5 senses.
A series of steps used to figure out the effects of a testable question.
Quantites or condition that can be changed in an experiment.
Information acquired by observation or experimentation.
The variable used to measure results.
A statement based on repeated experimental observations that describes some aspects of the universe.
Gathering information using numbers and calculations.
Act of performing or doing a task again and again.
Number of repetitions in an experiment where the tested variable is manipulated.
Represents the dependent variable and is shown vertical on the coordinate plane.