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World Geography: Chapter 2, Lessons 1-4

Autumn Schmidt
September 21, 2016
Something sent to another country; to sell something to another country
Something dirty, impure, or unhealthy
The use of science and machines to improve ways of doing things
Money, medicine, tools, or machinery given by one country to help another country
Developing more cities or having more people moving into cities
A country that has money to provide services for its people
The average number of people living in each square mile of an area
To bring water to farmland by pipes or channels
The sharing of ideas, culture, and customs around the world
The heating up of Earth from burning oil and gas
A raw material from the earth
An idea, belief, or custom that people pass down to their descendants
A product from another country; to bring a product from another country into one's own country
A business that does not make a product
To work on what one does the best
Freedom that all people enjoy, no matter where they live or who they are
Having to do with a city
A country in which people are poor and earn their living mostly by farming
Companies that do business in many countries
The steady bringing together of all the world's economies into one
Trade between countries without taxes or other limits
A system of building, using and distributing wealth and resources
A run-down, poor, overcrowded part of a city
An area away from cities, such as a farm