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Astronomy Crossword

Nick-named the Earths twin
Has a gravitational pull not even light can escape
Means "below the red"
An instrument that collects electromagnetic radiation form the sky and concentrates it for better observation
All the properties or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation
Planet known for it's rings
Has the greatest country in the galaxy located on it a.k.a the USA
Smallest planet in the solar system
Only other planet in the solar system, besides Earth, that may be capable of sustaining life
The largest pair of telescopes in the world in Hawaii
Means "beyond the violet"
Was a planet in our solar system until 2006 when it was classified as a dwarf planet
Theory on how everything was created
In the show "Full house" the family dogs name was _____
Stars that are very hot but have a low luminosity
Largest planet in the solar system, the Great Red Spot is located on this planet
There are more of this in space than there are grains of sand on the earth
Have the shortest wavelengths
Also known as sun beams or god rays
Seventh planet from the sun, has a funny name