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American Culture and Society in the 1930's

Teacher: Smith
In my book, The Thirties: A Time to Remember, I discussed the role movies played in American society at the time.
I was a movie star if the 1930's and I often appeared in gangster movies. One of my most famous films is "Yankee Doodle Dandy". Surf the net to find out who I am.
We were America's favorite dance partners and we starred in "Top Hat" and "Flying Down to Rio".
This act supported Native American autonomy and restored some reservation land to tribal ownership.
Radio shows sponsored by companies that produced soap.
Our comedic movies were a hit during the Depression because they made people laugh.
We were a famous radio couple and we made Americans laugh on the radio and later on television.
Children raced home from school to hear the adventures of this cowboy and his Indian sidekick, Tonto.
This program paid artists a living wage to produce public art.
I was a folk singer of the 1930's and my most famous song is "This Land is Your Land".
I was the first Spanish language disc jockey in Los Angeles and I was deported because I spoke out against discrimination.
The "star" of this movie is technicolor and audiences couldn't wait to see Dorothy land in Oz.
Eleanor Roosevelt arranged for me to sing at the Lincoln Memorial because the Daughters of Liberty refused to allow me to sing in Constitution Hall because of the color of my skin.
FDR appointed me commissioner of Indian affairs.