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Active Reading and Type

FSW Cornerstone Professor: GG Rhine
Avoid _________distrations like hungers so that you will concentrate better.
Set _________goals and stick to them for greater efficiency.
__________an open mind helps you not to pre-judge assignments.
When studying plan in advance to handle ________ obligations
SQ3R is not recommended for __________ courses.
The 4th step in the SQ3R process is to pause and _________the answer to questions that you or the author has asked.
Reading is an _________form of communication
The 3rd important step in the SQ3R process is to __________
____maps work well to bridge connections and understand relationships tying in test book information to professor lectures.
The final step in the SQ3R process is to __________
Texting and driving is an extremely _________ habit that can kill you and others.
_______tasking can increases work time, errors and stress.
__________ is a structured and analytic method of decision making
Reading Comprehension is the_________ to success.
_________is a mental function used to gather information in the hear and now.
Have a _______break that will refresh you during the study time and stick with it.
________ is a future based assessment sometimes based on probability from sensing experiencing
Marking up your book and writing notes is a way of ___________ cues to boost understanding and memory.
______significant others understand importance of quiet enviornoment to study
An important sept in the sQ3r process is to ask _____________.
SQ3R can help to _________your reading ability.
Don't expect to _________ challenging materials on the first reading.
The first stage in the SQ3R process is ____________
The best time to recite is at the ______ of each text section, right before the new heading.
Avoid _________distractions like social media and technology to minimize distractions
_________your study area to suit your particular needs.
Review and ________ again to ensure clarity and learning
_________is a reasonable and rational way of making decisions based on the needs of others.
Defining your _______makes it clear why your are reading an assignment.
Pay attention to your ________energy rhythms and choose study times that fit your needs.
Understanding and accessing your ________resources are essential when confronted with challenging assignments.