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Science Vocabulary Crossword


Date:  ______________________ # ____________
The amount of matter in an object.
A large round body that revolves around a star in a clear orbit.
A person who asks questions about the natural world.
A tool that measures forces, such as weight. (hint: two words, no space)
A procedure carried out to gather data about an object or event.
A mental or physical presentation of a process or object.
An untested conclusion based on your observations.
A statement of what you think will happen and why.
Information you gather with your senses.
The amount of matter in an object.
Individual facts, statistics, and items of information.
A tool that makes an object look several times bigger than it is.
A tool that measures mass. (hint: two words, no space)
An imaginary line around which Earth spins as it rotates.
A pattern of stars that form an imaginary picture or design in the sky.
The study of the natural world.
To spin on an axis.
The path of one object in space around another object.