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Geography and Social Studies Terms

This crossword puzzle is due by Thursday Sept 29
Soil deposited at the mouth of a river
Man made waterway used for irrigation or transportation
Examples that are used to prove or disprove a claim
Large area of flat or nearly flat land
Land that is surrounded on all sides by water
The end of a river
Bowl shaped area of land surrounded by higher land
A positive, negative, or neutral effect of an action
Large body of salt water that is smaller than an ocean
Land that is surrounded by water on 3 of 4 sides
Source that is a first hand account such as a diary
Area of land that is between 2 mountains
A particular point of view
Information that comes from a reliable source
Body of water that extends inland; smaller than a gulf
Area of land that is elevated and with a flat top
The beginning of a river
Source that is not an original
Piece of land that extends into the water, smaller than a peninsula
Narrow channel of water that connects two larger ones