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Science Vocab

A push or pull.
Information describing the qualities of objects observed, but not measured.
To move without being continuously pushed or pulled.
The force of attraction between objects. On Earth, gravity pulls objects downward toward Earth's center.
To repeat something over and over again in order to make a process or product better.
Information based on measurements or counting.
An object or location with which the position of a second object is compared over time to determine if the second object is moving.
The structures that allow parts to move more freely.
The frame of the vehicle.
A change in the position of an object over time.
The view from which you judge the motion of another object.
The requirements that must be met in order to successfully achieve our goal.
The rod that connects opposing wheels.
A push or pull that causes an object to move.
Limitations that make it more difficult to meet the criteria.
A measure of how fast an object is traveling.