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pottery terms

Liquid clay for putting pieces together, or decorating
The process of using the wheel
Cone 5 Glaze temperature fire
Fire clay, stoneware, earthenware
Melting point reached
Detailing or cutting a foot on piece
Kneading the clay
Clay fired one time
Using a slab and a mold of some sort
Liquid clay often with colorants
Clay we us in class
Clay rolled into snake shape
Tray for throwing or transport clay
Cutting into surface to apply slip
Machine to make clay
Oven for clay
Laying slab inside a mold
Laying a slab over a mold
Height and depth variation of carving
Unfired piece
Carving into clay for decoration
Putting pot in middle of wheel for trimming
Kiln and kiln furniture materials
Redish-brown clay
Triangular shaped wedge for temperature control
Flat, rolled out piece of clay
Bisqueware fire
String cutting tool