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Science crossword puzzle

Author: Alex Cassidy
The movement of an object around another object
The time when the sun crosses the plane of the Earths equator , causing day and night
Half of the Earth between the north pole and the equator
On June 21st that marks the beggening of summer in the northern hemisphere
The imaganary line that passes through the center of the Earth
The curved path, usally elliptical
On the north side of Earth 23.5 digrees
An imanginary line that runs through the center of eath and its north and south poles
The polestar or north star, a star of the second magnitude situated close to the north pole
Light from the sun, thats shining on a part of earth
An object formed when a star dies, and sucks anything into it
The southern side of Earth 23.5 digrees
On December 21st that marks the beggening of summer in the northern hemisphere
A similar body revloving about a star other then the sun
The light shined from the sun that does not show up on a spiffic part of the Earth
Half of the earth between the south pole and the equator
Any of the heavenly bodies, that appear in the sky at night
The unlimited great three dimensional realm inwhich all material objects are located
The spinning motion of a planet on its axis
The star at the center of the solar system, in which all the planets revolve around