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Parent-Teacher Conference Vocabulary

Teacher: Mrs. Jordan, Literature Plus
Your child should do this thing over and over to get better at it.
I want to help and encourage my child.
Your child has not done all his work; he has gotten _________.
How can I _______ my child to do better in your class?
I need an __________ when I meet the teacher, because I cannot speak English well.
Your child is actively involved in class -- listening and speaking on topic.
You will get your child's ______________ soon. It will show his grade in this class.
I am worried about my child.
Your child is not doing what he should be doing in class. He is _____________.
Your child looks away from class and thinks about other things.
Your child is doing better. He is making ________.
You can improve your English and help your child by ___________ his books with him.
Who can help my child with his __________? It is hard and confusing to him.
I will _______ with my child about this problem.