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Chapter 3 Africa

Teacher: Krupansky
A group of people descended from the same ancestor.
The stories past down form mouth to mouth through generations.
A queen that led the fight against the Muslim invasion. (No spaces or hyphens)
An area of high flat land.
Mali's greatest leader who went on a huge pilgrimage to Mecca. (no spaces)
Families made up of several generations. (No spaces)
A great warrior. The "Lion Prince". (no spaces)
The sail powered sail boats.
Mansa Musa was this empire's greatest ruler.
The name of a river that the Bantus use to trade.
The leader of Songhai (no spaces)
A queen who ruled lands that are now Angola and Congo.
The holy city for Islam's.
A member of the Igboo who disagreed that Africans did not have a religion. (No spaces)
Sunni Ali was the leader of this empire.
A city state that was the center of power for Ethiopia.
Under this ruler, Songhai built the largest empire n medieval West Africa. (No spaces)
A great trading city.
Means "people of the coast."
They traced their descendants through mothers rather then fathers.
A young Arab lawyer who set out to explore the Muslim world. (No spaces)
The first empire to develop. Traded gold and salt.